Bridgeway's leadership assessment, the L.E.A.D. 360, measures leadership qualities in six critical areas:

  • TRUST -- does the leader possess the character and competence to generate confidence in his/her leadership?

  • STRATEGY -- does the leader plan objectively, problem-solve effectively, and help the organization achieve its mission?

  • CLARITY -- does the leader communicate effectively and help to create clarity, rather than confusion, in the organization?

  • RELATIONSHIP -- is the leader emotionally intelligent, capable of building strong rapport with others, and able to use relational health to achieve key objectives?

  • COACHING -- does the leader take time to invest in others, helping to build a platform for their professional success?

  • RESULTS -- is the leader capable of managing the "tough" side of business, holding others accountable, and ensuring that all team members are maximally contributing to the mission of the organization?


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