Organizational Health


Ready to take your organization to the next level? Keep in mind that a company's ability to perform optimally is directly tied to its overall health. To get your finger on the pulse of your company, consider using our Employee Assessment of Company Health (E.A.C.H.) Survey. The E.A.C.H. Assessment measures organization health in eight critical areas: relational climate, communication, organization and order, appreciation and recognition, input, fulfillment and sense of morale, personal and professional growth, and change management. In addition to scoring your company on these eight areas, participants also answer three open-ended questions, including: 1) What are the greatest strengths of the company? 2) What are the most significant weaknesses of the company, and 3) What should be critical focus areas for upper management for the immediate future?


Once your team has completed the assessment, we will review the findings with your organization's leadership, identify growth areas, and map out a plan to help you get traction in those areas. You can monitor progress by repeating the survey at periodic intervals.


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